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Trying to find ways to increase vegies?

plate of healthy foodsAre you struggling to meet your 5 serves of vegies each day and looking for ways to squeeze more into your daily diet? Read on for some easy suggestions from Scope Nutrition.

Nourish with Nibbles

Prepare a healthy snack or platter that’s packed with energising nutrients. Dip sticks of carrots, cucumber, grape tomatoes and pickled vegies into low fat hummus or tzatziki dip for extra pizazz!!


Drink some of your day’s veg as an energising smoothie

Try blending a combination of celery, cucumber, baby spinach or kale, ginger, mint, lemon juice and plenty of ice – they’re all filled with so many vitamins and minerals, your body will celebrate!

Add a half a chopped apple for extra sweetness.

Cooked Breakfast?

Try serving toast with cooked mushrooms, tomatoes and sweet corn. Add mushrooms, onion, tomatoes, capsicum, sweetcorn, spinach and chilli to your favourite omelette.  For more delicious ideas or serve with pancakes for a savoury flavour.

Grab some frozen peas and…

Potato salad

Made a different kind of potato salad and increase your vegie count – add some peas. Throw in some mint and fresh basil into the dressing or for a different dressing altogether combine a little olive oil, vinegar and oregano

Pea Fritters

Replace the corn in your favourite fritter recipe with the same quantity of frozen peas. You could add extra flavour with chopped fresh mint and chilli

Pea and potato mash

Add frozen peas into your mashed potato to add colour and an effortless extra serve of vegies

Pesto Pasta

Cook pasta of your choice, add frozen peas in the last few minutes of cooking.

Drain and toss with grilled prawns, chopped cherry tomatoes and fresh basil. Garnish with grated parmesan, cracked pepper and a little olive oil

Pea Puree

Combine 2 cups defrosted peas, ½ cup reduced salt chicken stock, a few mint leaves and ¼ cup grated parmesan. Season with cracked pepper and blend until smooth. Serve with chicken, steak or a lamb roast for a delicious puree.

As always we invite you to talk to us further about your weight-loss goals. Contact us today!

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