Sports Nutrition

At Scope Nutrition, dietitian Jo Oddo works in different areas of sports nutrition. If you’d like advice on increasing lean muscle, decrease fat mass or would like to commence or improve overall sports performance, Jo will work with you to devise a programme that meets your goals. The many options we may use include:
  • Nutrition to maximise performance and recovery
  • Increase lean muscle mass
  • Optimal fueling for pre and post training
  • Reduce fat mass
  • Review nutrition and supplementation
  • Preparation for competition
Meal Planning

The Fundamental Role of Nutrition in Performance

At Scope Nutrition, we know nutrition plays a significant role in optimising your physical performance. By making better decisions about hydration and nutrition, you can experience greater recovery, performance and prevent injury. The many services Jo offers to support your sporting goals include a food diary, comprehensive food and nutrition assessment, as well as a tailored meal plan, coach liaison and check-ins.

Proven Results

Jo Oddo Fitness Competition​When Jo entered the fitness world, it was as a fitness model. She didn’t know how to eat for health and performance, finding it bewildering and potentially unsafe. To gain the knowledge needed, she decided to educate herself using evidence-based information to pursue her goal.

She is now an Accredited Practising Dietitian and has “placed” in competitions and worked with other competitors. In one such case, a client gained her professional card within five months of working with Jo, earning an invite to compete at a national championship that year.

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