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Struggling to lose those last few kilos?

You are eating well and exercising but have hit that dreaded plateau!

Finding it difficult to lose those last few kilos?

Here are a few more ideas to check out to assist you to reach that achievable goal weight.

A. Vegetables –  low calories, feels you up, added fibre, antioxidants.

Increase fiber on food

    1. Increase fibre

Why is fibre important –

  • Takes more effort to chew and break down = burning more calories
  • Makes you feel fuller for longer, helping with you listen to your body cues
  • Add to forming stools which can help pass some excess calories out of your body, lower cholesterol.
    2. Meal planning and preparing for your day may be the hardest part. If this is the case, some tips might include
  • If you are out and about and want a quick meal, stop and purchase food from the local supermarket instead of going through drive through
  • When at work purchase quick easy snacks like yoghurt, cherry tomatoes, snow peas, carrots, capsicum, fava beans at the beginning of the week and store them at the work fridge (now you don’t need to remember pack/bring them to work with you).  For other healthy snacks see our website
  • Plate up with frozen vegetables in the evening if you are short of time
  • Add herbs, lemon, ginger to veggies to enhance flavor
  • Don’t be afraid of new recipes, or trying new things

B. Regular Meals

Your stomach takes about 3 hours to breakdown a meal and empty. Learn to listen to your body cues again – how hungry am I? did that fill me up? why am I feeling hungry now? Am I thirsty?


C. Long Gaps Between Meals

Long gaps between meals can cause you to become too hungry and then make poor food choices, have larger portions.


D. Stay Hydrated – Dehydration.

Woman drinking water

Drink plenty of water, especially with your meals and snacks. If you are finding plain water too bland try a hint of mint or lemon. Herbal teas are another option, they can quench your thirst and don’t add to your overall calorie intake.

E. Reducing the size of meals – use a smaller plate

small meals

F. Exercise


Do you need to review your current fitness regime? Changing your exercise program (increasing reps, sets or cardio) can be a good way to burn off extra calories.


G. Meal Time Environment

Having dinner with friends

Mealtimes should be an overall experience where you enjoy your food, socialize and have fun.

  • Try and limit distractions by not eating in front of any screens – tv, phone or laptop.
  • Aim to eat at your dining table with others.
  • Listen to your body, if it says you are full then stop. Don’t finish your plate of food, save some for later.
  • Have a jug of water at the table

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