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Have you run out of ideas… Time to pack some healthy lunches for the kids this week as they transition back to school?

Look no further than some tips here and from the live lighter website. They have great tips for building your own lunch!

After more Ideas for lunch?

Just google lunch recipes on the live lighter website:

Consider these options…

  • Revamped sandwiches
  • Winter toasties or cheese gozleme
  • Wraps with leftovers for fillings
  • Hearty salads – walnut lentil and feta salad
  • Leftovers – reheated
  • Soups to get some extra vegies – think creamy cauliflower, sweet potato and lentil soup  
  • New slaws or mason jar salads
  • Mixed Asian grazing plates – think Japanese sesame tuna rice bowl



And if the kids are transitioning back to school…

Remember the 6 key components of a great school lunch!

  1. Wholegrain carbohydrates for sustained energy
  2. Pack some protein
  3. Fluids – remember some water
  4. Fruit is great with lunch or as a quick snack
  5. Snacks – think crunch and sip
  6. Pack what your children enjoy – remember we eat with our eyes, so do our children. Pack cherry tomatoes that will not go soggy, think colour – use veggies and get the children involved in packing their lunch