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Keep your 2019 Healthy Eating New Years Resolutions

We all set them, how can we succeed?

women eating1. Swap a Carona Extra to Cascade Premium light larger and save 183kJ (or 44cal)
2. Top your Mini Pavlova’s with reduced fat yoghurt and berries instead of a dollop of whipped cream and save 1284kJ (307cal)
3. Swap from 4 Cadbury’s Favourite chocolates to 4 dark chocolate coated almonds and save 511kJ (or 112cal)
4. Swap from a regular fruit mince tart (1150kJ/275cal) to Gluten free Berry bites (508 kj/121 cal) and save 642kJ (or 154cal)
5. Instead of 2 Christmas buttery shortbread (998kj or 240cal) try 2 gingerbread miniature cookies (593kJ/142cal) and save 405KJ (98cal)
6. Instead of white Christmas slice munch try 1 cup of fresh cherries and save 580kJ (or 141cal)
*Info from page 28 HFG December 2016

Check your favourite holiday snacks calories

Each treat equals Exercise equivalent
1 bottle of wine 510cal or 2138kJ 41min swimming
60min jog
78min cycle
2 hour and 20min walk
1 packet of Allens Party Mix (190g)
663 calories (2774kJ)
54min swim
77min jog
1hour and 41min cycle
3 hour and 5 min walk
Darrell Lea Rocky Road – 1 small bar 60g = 1088kj or 260cal 21min swim
30min jog
40min cycle
73min walk
Lindt chocolate balls (75cal , 315kJ per ball) 6min swim
9min jog
11min cycle
21min walk
1x Ferro Rocher (1 = 220cal; 920kJ) 18min swim
25min jog
34min cycle
62 min walk
Cadburys chocolate almonds (serving of 4 = 564kJ; 135cal) 10min swimming
15 min jog
20 min cycle
40 min walk
Lindt fruit sensations Blueberry & Acai (487Kj; 116cal per serve – 25g; 6 servings per packet) 10min swim
13min jog
18min cycle
32min walk
Tom & Luke Peanut & Cacao Snackaballs (293 cal; 1225kJ) 25min swimming
30 min jog
40 min cycle
75 min walk
Christmas shortbread (499kJ; 120cal for one 2170KJ per 100g; 12 per pack 10min swimming
15 min jog
20 min cycle
40 min walk

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